Chronicles of the Past & Present A52ers

Saturday, September 25, 2004

[rau here -blading's fun]

whee. i love going back to school to study.
coz it means going blading, cycling, talking to friends, blasting music..hahahaha
ok irrelevant
i finally learnt how to blade today!
and fell like..10 times. how wonderful.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Hi people, this is Derek here...

Here's my blog address.

Do visit it and leave a tag!

It's currently crunch time for me. Major assignments and projects due for my 4 modules, excluding those outside Mass Com.

All the best to your promos people!


HELLO you all this is carol's attempt to save this god-forsaken a52 blog!
First of all we must be a happy hopeful unit, and stop whining and angsting about how much we hate school and the goverment. Repeat after me: school (=TSD) is fun! Repeat 10 times every morning before going to school and you will believe it after doing so for 21 days in a row, because it is scientifically proven.

Things to look forward to:
-13 October (significance of date is too obvious)
-Openhouse where we get to go about TSd-ing and show off and boost our dear egos and be exhibitionist, yay!
-Holidays (=sleep, beach, time to read, write, draw and live)
-TSd party, no, parties!
-Chocolate buffet at Fullerton!
-OGL camp
-Respective YEP/OCIP/ODAC camps
-Having lots of juniors to annoy and bully and then be nice to so we can feel good about ourselves for being fantastic seniors!
-Scripted group pieces that Mr and Mrs L mentioned
-Freedom liberty and enfranchisement from textbooks and starting on some REAL reading and REAL knowledge!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


ok can someone please be kind enough to change the damned template. its so dull.
and can someone please gte us a tagboard.
and can anyone put up with photos..?
ok i sound very demanding.
anyway congrats a52.
grand total of about 10 people in school huh.
let's try reduce it to 5.


ooh yeah.

tingy-winks makes and entrance :)

ok, for the sake of everyone i blog ok? :)

ok. i have writer's blog. i cant wait for promos to end.

promos should be shot, dragged and then lynched on a tree, left to burn throughout the night.

results tomoro. am scared. having premonitions. E. mono all over again. haha. *sigh*

how's everyone anyway? blog more! blog more! this is not as crazy as it should be yet! :P

ok i'm gone.

i'll spread my wings and i'll learn how to fly

oops. of all the things i said i forgot to tell you who i was! it was/is kit. i'm such a ditz.

well i guess everyone has got promos to contend with and that explains the lack of any posts. busy busy people. i'm so good i'm writing a blog for a class i do not belong to anymore. i am usually not this involved. well, my exams aren't til january (the sixteen year old in me wants to say na na nee boo boo, but wait i am sixteen! hah, what do you know.) hmmm, well, I, being the oh so generous person that i am, will now help you feel better about your current situation by regaling you with horror stories about my life in HELP institute (yes, you heard right, no it isn't a mental hospital, though closer inspection of its students might lead you to believe that it is) so that when you compare your life in VJ to mine, you won't feel so bad. nice of me is it not?
but seriously, i am so not going to do that. i mean i hate when people do the oh i-have-it-worse-than-you thing especially when you KNOW that they don't. that just irritates the hell out of me. oops, will sarah shoot me for saying hell. i think sarah will be glad to know i have been attending church regularly. and i must say it is guilting the he- oops, no, the heck out of me.
hmmm this is turning out to be quite a long post actually. i'm impressing myself. oh but then again i am terminally long-winded. so sorry to put you poor people through all my ramblings, seeing as you've got like loads to deal with now but i'm in the mood... i hope i don't go on too long, because i do tend to go on for ages. sigh. it's so difficult to be me. i'm just kidding. it's actually really easy to be me. i don't know what i do. hmmmm.... thinking about it, i really don't know what i do with my time. waste it i guess. i suppose i should stop here because this is becoming too random and soon i'll be boring myself and you so, see you! good luck people!

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

just me :)

ok my duo ended today. yeah for me! :)

all of you out there still slogging! good luck! :)

anyway, can we have a tag board on this?? :)

*liting left her footprints in the sand*

Monday, September 13, 2004

[and so it wont]

hello derek! haa been a long time since i heard from you.. =p
anyway, no michelle it wont..
we dont want the whole world to think we're saps now do we..

anyway guys...

groups rocked!!


kit again

today, weirdly dressed girl from my lit class wore a long peach skirt, a matching peach top, stocking, black leather boots that looked like elves' shoes, black stockings and cheap-looking tinted black (you know the shiny kind) sunglasses. have never seen glasses like that in me life. the skirt was highly weird. and the fact that she looks like an angry persian cat does not help. call me mean but i cannot help it.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Hi people! This is Derek speaking by the way. =)

Been some people since we last saw one another, with the exception of Li Ting of course.

Well, Life at NP studying Mass Communications is hell-luv-of-a-fun, though it can become tremendeously stressful, what with major assignments for each module. Anyway, miss you people!


hello peoples =)
thank you for creating the thang rau.

whatever we eventually name this, it'd better not be anything which involves the words love, sick, or puppies. HAHA. ahem.

lovesick puppies!

hey hey lovesick puppies! this is lovesick puppy no. 1 ... :) hehe ... so fun!!! class blog!!! :)

leetink :P

[group exams]

good luck for group exams guys!


"the days are just packed"

KIT AND IVAN!!!!!!!!! hahaha of course we remember you. =) do try to come down for the week man. -corrie


hullo ppl! i'm ivan, blah blah blah blah. feel so touched that u guys remember me. hee. anyway hope schools fun? *wonders if i can make it tmr*

Saturday, September 11, 2004

long lost

this is kit here. remember moi? from a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away. anyhow, hope you people are doing good. some of you probably will not know who on earth i am. i am a once-upon-a-time, 04a52-er. don't know if that's what you call people in a52 or not. hi grace! hope the singing's going good. sorry i couldn't go for any of your plays seeing as i'm in KL and all that. well, good luck to you all. hope to god you know who i am. ask raudhah if you don't. take care! :)

well. this is our attempt at blogging. see how chaotic or dead this will get.

c'est un 04A52 sur ma table. c'est incredible.

yayyyyy. i'm the first! bwaha.

oh this is corrie haha.