Chronicles of the Past & Present A52ers

Friday, September 24, 2004


HELLO you all this is carol's attempt to save this god-forsaken a52 blog!
First of all we must be a happy hopeful unit, and stop whining and angsting about how much we hate school and the goverment. Repeat after me: school (=TSD) is fun! Repeat 10 times every morning before going to school and you will believe it after doing so for 21 days in a row, because it is scientifically proven.

Things to look forward to:
-13 October (significance of date is too obvious)
-Openhouse where we get to go about TSd-ing and show off and boost our dear egos and be exhibitionist, yay!
-Holidays (=sleep, beach, time to read, write, draw and live)
-TSd party, no, parties!
-Chocolate buffet at Fullerton!
-OGL camp
-Respective YEP/OCIP/ODAC camps
-Having lots of juniors to annoy and bully and then be nice to so we can feel good about ourselves for being fantastic seniors!
-Scripted group pieces that Mr and Mrs L mentioned
-Freedom liberty and enfranchisement from textbooks and starting on some REAL reading and REAL knowledge!


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