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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

well i guess everyone has got promos to contend with and that explains the lack of any posts. busy busy people. i'm so good i'm writing a blog for a class i do not belong to anymore. i am usually not this involved. well, my exams aren't til january (the sixteen year old in me wants to say na na nee boo boo, but wait i am sixteen! hah, what do you know.) hmmm, well, I, being the oh so generous person that i am, will now help you feel better about your current situation by regaling you with horror stories about my life in HELP institute (yes, you heard right, no it isn't a mental hospital, though closer inspection of its students might lead you to believe that it is) so that when you compare your life in VJ to mine, you won't feel so bad. nice of me is it not?
but seriously, i am so not going to do that. i mean i hate when people do the oh i-have-it-worse-than-you thing especially when you KNOW that they don't. that just irritates the hell out of me. oops, will sarah shoot me for saying hell. i think sarah will be glad to know i have been attending church regularly. and i must say it is guilting the he- oops, no, the heck out of me.
hmmm this is turning out to be quite a long post actually. i'm impressing myself. oh but then again i am terminally long-winded. so sorry to put you poor people through all my ramblings, seeing as you've got like loads to deal with now but i'm in the mood... i hope i don't go on too long, because i do tend to go on for ages. sigh. it's so difficult to be me. i'm just kidding. it's actually really easy to be me. i don't know what i do. hmmmm.... thinking about it, i really don't know what i do with my time. waste it i guess. i suppose i should stop here because this is becoming too random and soon i'll be boring myself and you so, see you! good luck people!


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