Chronicles of the Past & Present A52ers

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

20 beautiful things about 04A52

1. We generally love each others' company.
2. When we talk our words swirl in this whimsical echo-y overlap-y chorus.
3. Our philosophical tangents about love and life.
4. How we remain close even with 7 different subject combis in our class.
5. Our laughter is infectious (and we have hilarious jokes, no kidding).
6. Our spontaneity
7. And creative brilliance.
8. Teachers love us even if we drive them insane with our work ethics (or lack of).
9. We share food, generously!
10. We are all subtly subversive and want to revolutionise all our systems.
11. The way we get euphorically excited about things.
12. How we stand united in the face of whiny, unreasonable, too-many-shoes teachers.
13. We can talk about anything and everything at the canteen tables over breakfast/lunch/dinner/tea/snacks.
14. 5th February [5/2] where we commemorate our wonderful uniqueness.
15. We're fun-loving, spirited, bouncy, staunchly loyal.
16. We're rebellious in a good way.
17. We're all proliferating the love of Bridgeeee. yay.
18. Love loves us.
19. We hug a lot, and tell each other how much we love each other.
20. There's no one like us.

And now I realise if you spread them out, that's more than twenty.
04A52, you are loved. :)



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