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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Hang on little tomato

Flash! Bam! Alakazam!

Out of the orange coloured, purple striped, pretty green polka-dotted sky

Good day. The holidays have begun and my only obstacle in life (life is waiting) is wretched pw. Today we had the final workshop cleanup, there was a rubber snake, red yarn, skateboard, chalk and rain. Making my way downtown, faces pass and I'm homebound. (shake head violently) I'm obsessed with my ds but cannot seem to think much farther than the magical opening! I envision juniors in wigs, shawls, with peace signs, guitars, smoke, intoxicating perfume, warm red blinds, beatles photos, psychedelic gobo, rainbow swirls, a bathtub among red wash and a bathtub in a fertile garden with flowers and bushes all at the same time! Make some magic with the IS-es! Read this holiday season, read 101 experiments in the philosophy of everyday life. This book introduces intriguing activities that we all have the capability to do but never thought of, like peeing and drinking at the same time and calling random strangers on the phone and chatting with them or telling a stranger he/she is beautiful. Have lovely gleaming mustard holidays!

This holiday season, desires are revealed, secrets are exposed, and chances are finally taken.


(mary smith)


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