Chronicles of the Past & Present A52ers

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

LOVE SENTOSA from corrie.

'twas absolutely perfect.

Farah sprawled on the new fourdollar 7-11 beachmat, asleep, with The Unbearable Lightness of Being sitting obediently beside her.
Kenneth suntanning. 'nuff said.
Rau clutching Liting's squashed and sinking soccerball, and attempting to float.
Ruth being the 'monkey' three times, consecutively.
Dawn gushing over three adorable little English children. Really gushing.
Esmonde spreadeagled on the sand and making much effort to get sunbaked.
Vanessa winning Bridge and screamingscreamingscreaming. And stuffing her little sets of four cards into the sand so they wouldn't flit away.
Liting SUNBURNT. [sorry for whacking you!]
Crystal refusing to take off her absolutely transparent Cedar Housetee with a striped bikini top shouting itself out to the world underneath.
Mich and Dawn and Crys making funny shapes in the water.
Cho strumming on the guitar and playing Every Single Song we named. Can all the girls marry you? Wheeee.
Helen puzzling over bikinis and underwear. For at least a few minutes. Then asking Rau to help her comb a nice parting in her frizzied hair.
Shazzy peppering conversation with "Anyone want water?" every few seconds, literally. She's our water parade.
Khairul and Cho in singlets, flinging the frisbee round.

PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT. rock 'n' rollerblade. Palawan Beach. PERFECT.


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