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Wednesday, October 13, 2004


hokkai. i can't possible put this all up on my blog since it will c.l.o.g. anyway, i figured every1 will be able to enjoy the pics here:

the early birds, minus esmonde @ harbour front mrt

and the bus series starts. c'est rau et moi.

tings and vane. AIYOHHH, u do kawaiii-kek again i won't take your picture anymore.

kenneth- who [thankgod] woke me up and waited for 45 minutes at simei mrt muahahhah

another group pic

charlie's angels and eeps! esmonde.

wheeeeee~ finally at the beach!

yeps.. our bikini babes popping out from the closet

HWHATTT is he doing?!?!

the boyband photo. haha



LATECOMERS! they practically thronged into the beach tau

what is tsd without bridge? ahaha

taiko. taiko. TAIKO!!!

*smacks forehead* ruthhh! not another kawaiii-kek person. anyway, shariza- hahahahaah

first of many group pics

"...francesca knows what seven times five is." brat.

ok, brace yourselves people.....

alamakkk. adorable laaa.

aaahhh!!!! nak cubittt pipi dia. (channel5: i want to pinchhhh her cheeks.)

soooo cuuuutttteeeeeeee! they look like some oshkoshbgosh models :D

.. and we look like we're in some enchanted garden

beyootiful scenery.

beyootiful people.

byebye up: bintan? haha

on the train...homeward bound..

btw, i had a nice time people. thanks for the company :)
okay sleepyyyyy.



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