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Wednesday, October 20, 2004


ok folks here goes: here are the details for the party on the 30th of Oct.

where? Aloha Changi Chalets, NETHERAVON BUNGALOW D, Netheravon Road. to be exact, it's near Changi village, Changi beach ... yeah. :) and yes farah, we WILL go Bapok watching :P

How to get there? ok get yourselves down to Tampines interchange and take bus service 29. the chalet is right in front of the bus stop. :)

When? 30th Oct pple! here's what's going to happen: i hope most of you will be free to come in the day and make this a TSD party!!! there's a beach nearby and i think quite a few things to do: like play bridge, mahjong and what not lah :) so ...
meet at: 11am at tampines interchange near the take away counter for mcdonalds. then i will bring you all to the chalet. :)
for those of you who cant make it in the day: dinner is at 5pm. if you can come earlier just come!!! give me a call and i'll direct you :)
and ... this IS A STAY OVER. though i dunno how many pple can actually fit in the chalet. :P but do bring clothes and all that for a sleepover k!!! but reconfirm with me firs t, like tell me how many of you are staying. :)

ok i guess that's it. :) bring beach stuff k!!! and also bring things like portable radio and all that shit. :) dinner is going to be barbeque so be prepared to cook for yourself :P might MIGHT get a caterer ... but i dunno yet. :) also, for dinner, i have other friends coming too. so dont be shy! mingle, mix ... :P

i guess i better go. feelin f ull of excitement and not typing coherently anymore :P

i'm tired. RSVP PLEASE!!! my no. or any other means :P

others are only dreamers.

i am gone :P


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