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Thursday, October 28, 2004


accidental, adventitious, aimless, arbitrary, casual, chance, contingent, designless, desultory, driftless, fluky, fortuitous, hit-or-miss, incidental, indiscriminate, irregular, objectless, odd, promiscuous, purposeless, slapdash, spot, stray, unaimed, unconsidered, unplanned, unpremeditated, 04A52!

And that is the way life is lived.

Hello world! It shall be declared that whining about PEETUPTEW is extremely passe, overdone, and engaging in it simply levels us with all other lowly mortals. [Haha this is coming from ME! Tomorrow the pigs fly and Bush eats a pretzel without choking.] So hor, let's channel our energies to more pressing concerns. Like, if I choose to hand up the OGL form on Monday instead of the stipulated Friday, do I get originality points?

Isn't it fascinating how easy it is to tell who's who? Desiree, actually, XiJie with juniors in wigs, shawls, with peace signs, Carol who is quite unmistakable. Etc etc. Harmony in diversity! Haha such a clee-shay but. Is true.

Song of the moment is undoubtedly orangecolouredskywhambamalakazam. Book of the same - Bridget Jones! Haha. Stop thinking so much everybahdy. Read some in-your-face humour which does not require analysis and supposed higher-order thinking ha. Perhaps Harris will shoot me but we all need a break from the likes of Lit. Altogether now say: HURRAH!



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