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Friday, October 08, 2004

[sentosa beach party ]

yay lets make this a wonderful successful happy party..provided it dont rain.
here's the deal/plan/whatchamacallit.

on wednesday at the reasonable time of 10am (which i'm sure will be pushed back by an hour to 11++am or stg) we shall all meet at harbour front mrt station. bring along change of clothes, swimwear, suntan lotion or sunscreen, cards, books, blades, balls, food, snacks, drinks, portable radio, beach towels and mats, beach umbrella..etc. like, maybe certain pple can bring certain stuff like the beach umbrella and the cards and the portable radio and the snacks. we'll go to either palawan or siloso beach choose which one you prefer. ok so its from 10am till late ok..and michelle and angela would (hopefully) be joining us there after the paper.

any comments?

if it rains..well. cancel lor. can always meet for the usual movie-in-town-and-rot-play-pool kinda outing.. =D
lets have as much fun as we can while we still can..


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