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Saturday, October 02, 2004

thongs for all.

oh mah. i actually just discovered this black thing called our class blog because why? because i only just checked my mail ever since donkeys-ago. and its friggin late (11.30) okay not that late but im reaaally sleepy now so pardonAY moi. hahaha. excuse my french. you know i would buy all of you ipods for christmas if you could just somehow persuade those creatures in the whitecell they call the "staffroom" (faints from experiencing tremors of intimidation) to dish out 4 delicious As (heck Ds will do dandy) for handing in blank sheets next week. yes IPODS. ha ha ha. ah, yes. "spacial" laughter (ha ha ha) is a sign of sleep-blogging.
so tootledoos,
and mookleboos.



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