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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

frankly speakin i almost died when kenneth took off his pants.

did that sound weird? wozaymokay i was like this close to rolling off my chair laughing at the sight of (will you ever forgive me kennieboy!) red checkered boxers. ok yes kenneth they are nice, hope that helps (: one wonders if he really would have flashed his butt oh but dear waijia just couldnt spare her virginal eyeballs. HA virginal eyeballs. funnay. yes yes but YAH all i can say should have been there. OGLing interviews...weeeheehee. oh perverse laughter's just wrong right. ohh farah was mad haha...jane right. actually this guy in the panel was like whispering to me "ok pass already" when you walked in and i like smacked him on the head with a float that ppl stuff between their legs during training (uh one of the props) for being a PERVE. yes your welcome farah darling. but like at the end of it he was rather frightened by you. hoho. but its a good thing, really. i mean, lets just say maybe he wasnt exactly expecting the infamous "whip it" and all (: anyways! no worries lah huhhhh. in other words im tellin you you totally rocked socks and like stood out? haha..can make it lah huh. but results still not out yet so dont unwind fingers yet yarperdoodles. and like the rest of us i wasnt there for carol xjae rau liting sarah corrie mich anyone else? sorry ah those who got like barbaric madmen and women who made you talk to ultramen and stuff. bet you they were driven mad by lame jokes like what does an elephant's left butt cheek look like? its right butt cheek. oh goodie. like watering hole for the big L.


top 7 ogling highlights in my room. (ha)

1. (a well deserved top spot) kenneth's butt-almost.

2. farah stomping around in a pail and the waste paper basket.

3. zhanhui leading all the interviewers in the room down the corridor doing a cheer.

4. and then popping his head back in after leaving the room "wanna sing the anthem for fun?"

5. this guy (anonymous) gyrating and wiggling his butt in our faces, punctuating his sentences with "because im beautiful" and "aren't i sexy?"

6. daphne acting as a phillipino maid. accent and all.

7. a51 derek's yoda performance. he wrote like this yoda poem himself involving showing girls his stick. whaaat. hahaha. (ask him for it) and he apparently didnt sleep for 3 days before this cus of pw. crazy man.

madmadmad. yay ogl camp's gonna be fun (: hope everyone gets in, wozay. OH this year's theme's really funkaymama and the whole idea and all. theres like gonna be this huge vollywood oscar's award show, MTVs, paparazzi (flashing cameras, red carpet, gossip column and all), crew tshirts for ogls!!!, really cool O1 posters and postcards (like movie-style complete with "FIVE STARS!" -chan kah gek-) HAHA.

brought to you by the creators of the recent box office No. 1,"Openhouse"

21st SCentury Fox (:

okay merry christmas everyone. i found a new place called ice3 as in ice"cube" that sells like REALLY COOL STUFF, food, actually. and there's still that prawn mee stall near school ive been dragging ppl to lately. FOODIES ALERT. and then right, anyone up for movie marathon?! i just got like monsoon wedding, a la folie pas du tout (audrey tatau), adaptation, emma( the one by jane austen? with gwyneth paltrow!) and blaberdibla. MOVIE JUNKIES ALERT.

tralalala. good night little petals.

- d.


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