Chronicles of the Past & Present A52ers

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

[square brackets belong to me!]

hmmm going by michelle's post on how you can tell whose post is whose..i shall make you guys guess as to my not-so-hidden identity.


actually, come to think of it, it seems pretty obvious already.

anyway, i realised how central/integral* (pick a word) school is in my life. so much so that when today my group decided not to meet for pw i am at a loss to the endless possibilities facing me on how to spend my free time.

it was such a wonderful morning and then *poof* the clouds came and covered the blue blue sky so i spent the day reading. and folding clothes. and peeling almonds.

am now waiting for replies from people to go out..


ok i suppose you all have guessed who i am by now..


ok will stop now.

yes soon.

very soon.

i promise.


i told you i promised.

i didn't lie.


not at all.

will someone please switch off the air conditioning?

thank you...