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Monday, November 08, 2004

A Tribute to VJC 157

can i just begin by saying when i read the previous post i thought it was michelle who posted. ha. corrie you almost sounded like her. :P

anyway. here is my lovely tribute to my lovely PW group: VJC 157. :)

from reality TV, to looks, to wanting things quickly and finally to this; INSTANT food, we have certainly come a long way. i'm not about to go all mushy and all that, but i am about to say this: thanx guys. For because of you i will not be complaining right now about PW and how irritating it is. for once, someone is saying something positive about PW. haha :P

well rest of A52, dont you think it's amazing how you got into the PW group you're in? i know mr chew i think sorta allowed 55 to choose their own groups. so i'm just pretty curious about how liew put us into our groups. haha. like isnt it amusing that kenneth and viv got put in the same group and yuhui and vane are the ones there to be mediators? or like how one race was put with another and when standing together, esmonde, rashez, grace and rohana look like a zebra crossing? :P

i think at the end of the day, the most amazing thing about PW is how we managed to come up with something out of nothing. how even with digressing, procrastinating and slacking generally, we still managed to come up with commendable projects that at least LOOK like they have substance. ha. hmm ... i speak for my group only. i dunno about the others. haha :P

so i guess this wasnt a tribute to VJC 157. it was a tribute to PW. ha. for the first time on this blog something positive is being said about 'peedouble-yew' or 'peetuptew' ... hmmm the government should pay me to publish this. ha. :P

GPF tomoro. for those of you who do not need to slog over it tonight: banish youself. :P

Godeatgod tomoro. yay. :)

k i am going to disappear.

keeping the blog alive,
ting. :)


  • like tumbler and tipsy days hopefully we will remain in high spirits. well, good day

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:23 AM  

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