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Monday, November 15, 2004


tv programmes for today:
9-12: 32nd american music awards
2 something: jetsons tonight: the odd couple II
the rest: nothing, unless you want to watch a documentary called george lucas in love.

weather forecast: cloudy.
next few days: scattered thunderstorms till friday
weather forecast by

new computer game: The Sims II

proper nail colours for this holiday: red, green, silver, gold

proper smells for this holiday: peppermint, leaf smells, sweet cosy fruity smells

suggested ideas for this holiday: send your enemy (and everyone should have enemies) your toenail clippings and mucus and seal the envelope with brown sticky saliva after eating some chocolate, send christmas cards to random people in the phonebook with funny names (dear tan ah kow -real name!-, merry christmas from a stranger who cares), take lessons on things like french, german, dance, yoga, photography, cut own hair for christmas, buy yourself something for christmas, shop at, pluck your eyebrows if you are a guy, rewatch all harry potter movies, take vitamins everyday, become a sex expert, work at ben and jerry's scoop shop at the zoo, pay more attention to your friends when they speak, take funny pictures of your parents when they are asleep, rub vaporub near sibling's nostrils while they sleep, and then run away, cut hair of sibling who is a heavy sleeper, paint room, trick parents that you are a smoker, skip everyday, experiment with hairstyles, eat a lot of chocolate and analyse body's emotional reactions with weight and waist and hip size as a special month-long christmas experiment, force yourself to write a 'letter to santa' and then throw it away

CHESTNUTS ROASTING ON AN OPEN FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • LOL!!!! who's tt?????? my god. i'm soOOo gonna try a few of those. hahahhahahaha...anyone would like to join me?? xD

    p.s..will someone invite me into this bloggiee??hehehe..

    By Blogger vane, at 12:12 PM  

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