Chronicles of the Past & Present A52ers

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

corrie logs in, incoherently

Rather hilarious that the tiny lettering in the 04A55 blog goes 'We are the trouble makers'.

I wonder what the small lettering ought to be for our class, then. hehhhh.

We shall all be steeped in nostalgia pretty soon.

Talking to Calin today, and she mentioned, "In Year Two, we never knew what we were doing. We just did it."

Darn, I don't want to grow up. *whines*

Orange juice is good for the soul.

as;dlkw4ihmn;asidtf93rhs cnvnxie. (which roughly translates into a frustrated exclamation of: I MISS CREWING AND THE OLD WORKSHOP AND MOULDY SOFAS AND BIG SILVER TABLE WHERE WE ALL STUDIED AND BLASTED MUSIC AND ROTTING CUPBOARDS)

Ah well.

[ohgoshohgoshohgosh we are SENIORS. The novelty (if it's a novelty) hasn't worn off yet.]

Anyone giving GYLC a go?

I want ben&jerries!

Argh, there's math tomorrow.


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