Chronicles of the Past & Present A52ers

Saturday, February 19, 2005

selamat hari jadi ramu!

Hello chewrens :) This week has told me that there is no place in this world I should want to be other than where I am now, amongst people who believe in each other and who dance in the dark; who live in glasshouses and only cause breakage to overhead lamps; who troop out to sea and stick sparklers in cakes; who write poems that shamelessly desperately rhyme; who run crashbang into padded walls; who bitch and bitch and bitch but ultimately love and laugh and cry and sing and love some more.

In times of distress, remember Spongebob who smiles. And who stayed afloat for such a bloody long time! haha. Oh my shit I am a sap and I love all of you.