Chronicles of the Past & Present A52ers

Thursday, June 16, 2005


something strange (hello!) :

i think i will have a party.

2 Flora Drive Carissa Park Condominium (loyang avenue)
(there is a shuttlebus service from tampines mall/mrt straight here.)
monday 20th june 2005
6pm to late
this is a potluck (what a strange word.)
therefore we will be needing strange&beautiful contributions of morsels from everyone coming.
and then right,
sms me (new number alert!: 92980426)
whether you're coming and vat the hell you are bringing to this strange party.
(i vill be prowiding plates&stuff and drinks, correctomando.)

there is a vaterhole so bring thy sveeming things if you vant to sveem.
and bring vatever you think vee vill like to do together, hand in hand, merrily, ringaroundtherosies, we all fall down.

that is all (:


- desireechoopeiying

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

[class outing]

helloe..since june hols is such a horrible busy studying period...

let's make our planned wonderful sentosa beach outing AFTER mid years..lets say on the day after the last paper? after that we'll all troop to sentosa and bring out beach clothes and food and of course MATS(i mean the things you sit on, not the malay guys. but if you want to bring cute mats its ok by me too.heehee.) and drinks and blades and suntan lotion and just lazily ROT by the beach. how's that?

anyway, good luck for mid years people!

-rau who has finally gotten her internet working.