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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

and so on so forth

1. your gynaecologist
None. Grace has a fear of doctors :P.
2. your son's wife
3. your daughter's husband
I seriously don't know. But not Esmonde. :p
4. your boss
Michelle methinks
5. your husband/wife's best friend of the opposite sex
uhh I don't know....Viv perhaps. I think she'll understand his problems better :)
6. your household pet
Can I have Rohana *meep
7. your lawyer, assuming you just killed a nice old pregnant lady out of sheer evilness
I what? Sunil.
8. your lawyer, assuming someone thinks you did it but you were really doing mrs liew's essay at that exact moment
*hahaha Kenneth!
9. your brain surgeon
10. your single parent
Xi Jie (does it mean we can paint the room in psychedelic colours mummiee)
11. your alone-on-a-desert-island person
12. your invisible friend
Rohana (alter conscience)
13. the king/queen of the world
Liting :) Because she's actually trustable to rule the world.
14. the kind/queen of the universe (universe > world, by the way.)
Of course its Sunil. No doubt about it.

alternative thought...what is 'your butterfly'???

another alternative note. its 5am tues morn and grace has in-som-niaaa.


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