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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

you swing i swing we all swing, also.

dear folks, my best-est of friends in this whole wide, classroom. hark.

it is that time of the year when we must all say bye-bye and make the virginal most important decisions (for most of us who have yet been faced with the gruelling "hello-panda-or-pocky-while-aunty-stares-at-you" task) in our lives. my best advice is, in answering the following questions, follow your heart! (or any other body part that is or can potentially be, red.)

in the following questions, name the one person in class you would choose to be:

1. your gynaecologist
2. your son's wife
3. your daughter's husband
4. your boss
5. your husband/wife's best friend of the opposite sex
6. your household pet
7. your lawyer, assuming you just killed a nice old pregnant lady out of sheer evilness
8. your lawyer, assuming someone thinks you did it but you were really doing mrs liew's essay at that exact moment
9. your brain surgeon
10. your single parent
11. your alone-on-a-desert-island person
12. your invisible friend
13. the king/queen of the world
14. the kind/queen of the universe (universe > world, by the way.)

i am tempted to add "your butterfly" but, no. that will be beyond...fourteen.

OH BUGGER OFF I AM TRES BORED. (anyhow please add, if you have a burning sensation to, more titles to the list.
i will be off now. (am smelling something brewing t'wards a scrumptious first six months of 2006 that involves cooping, and scandals.) and i saltily think that much of what i have uttered upper-here is incomprehensible/uncomprehensible?, and it is frustrating you know.

yay have fun kids!


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