Chronicles of the Past & Present A52ers

Sunday, November 06, 2005

am bored.

ripped off daphne. fill it up at your own leisure.
in the meantime, study hard! =)


1) The person with the most under-rated intelligence

2) Person with the nicest hair

3) Person who talks the most

4) Person who eats the most

5) Most bimbotic

6) The prettiest boy

7) Person with an inner bimbo

8) Most cynical person

9) Pillar of the class

10) Funniest person

11) Blurrest person

12) Most perverse person

13) Quietest person

14) Person who pon sch the most

15) Person with the most beautiful soul

16) Most organized peson

17) Person with nicest skin

18) Person who is the butt of most jokes

19) Most musical person

20) Person with the strongest personality